Dr. Debbie Goodwin

I am pleased to be among those who truly want the best for the students of the Brinkley School District. The district is blessed with a Board of Directors who are sincerely seeking to develop a long range plan for creating the very best learning environment for the students. The administration, faculty and staff are also engaged every day in making this an effective learning environment for all students. Most of all, the students at Brinkley are able and willing to learn, and looking for great opportunities for the future. We truly are “All in this together!”

In whatever endeavor I am working, I try to live by the motto: “I believe in Life, Love, Liberty and Learning for all.” This guides my decision making and my actions. If I can be of help to any of you at any time, I would count it an honor and a privilege to be of service. Please contact me anytime.

I ask that we all work together to, “Pave the Way for Every Child’s Success.