School Supply List 2016-2017
Kim Henry and Shane Comer
Monday, August 01, 2016


C.B. Partee Elementary School

First Grade Supply List



2-Bottles of hand sanitizer

1-24 count crayons

2-Boxes of Kleenex

2-Packages of pencils (Papermate brand or another good quality pencil. The cheap ones just crumble or the lead is crooked.)

4-Packages of cap erasers

Pocket folder

2- 4 Count Dry Erase Expo Markers (the fat ones)

1-Pencil box

2- Composition notebooks (wide ruled, 100 pages) NO SPIRAL! They don’t last!

1-1/2 inch white binder

Donations accepted on these items:

Lysol wipes

Reward Stickers

Treasure box items- old McDonald toys, party package of toys. Balloons, old small toys in good shape, pencils, pencil grips, etc…

Ziploc Bags- gallon, quart, or snack size

*We have hand soap

Partee Elementary School

Second Grade Supply List


1 2” three ring binder

2 packages of No. 2 pencils

1 package of plastic dividers

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 packages of 4-count Black-Exp markers

2 packages of cap erasers

12 glue sticks

1 pair of Fiskar scissors

8 packages of wide ruled notebook paper

1 bottle of hand soap

1 10-count package of red pens

1 10- count package of black or blue pens

8 highlighters

1 box of quart size Ziploc freezer bags

1 bottle of Lysol wipes

C.B. Partee Elementary School

3rd Grade Supply List


1 1 inch binder

1 package of plastic dividers (8 in all)

4 packages of loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

2 packages of cap erasers

1 package of Black dry erase markers (no colors)

1 eraser for mark board

2 packages of #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 bottles of Germ-X

3 spiral notebooks (70 Count)

1 plastic homework folder with pockets

Partee Elementary School

4th Grade Supply List


Ms. Walton and Mrs. Sartin

2 Packages loose leaf paper (wide ruled)

One 2-inch binder

1 package binder dividers

2 marbled composition books (no spiral notebooks)

1 package crayons (24 count)

1 package magic markers (8 count)

2 boxes tissue

2 bottles hand sanitizer

1 package cap erasers

2 dry erase markers (skinny, black only: no colors, no “fat” markers)

1 small package 3X3 post it notes (any color)

3 pocket folders

2 large packages of pencils

(plain yellow, wood only: no mechanical, no decorations/colors)

1 backpack (no wheels)

1 bottle white school glue

*** Students do not need scissors or rulers.***

As the school year progresses, we may need to ask for additional supplies.

Partee Elementary School

5th/6th Grade Classroom Supply List


2 Germ-x

2 Large boxes of Kleenex

3 Packages of wide ruled notebook paper

2 Marbled covered composition books

3 packages of pencils

1 package of cap erasers

1 large binder with dividers (Trapper Keeper Type) This will be used for all subjects

1 Package of BLACK dry erase markers- (For Math)

1 Container of disinfecting wipes

1 package of post it notes

Partee Elementary School

Kindergarten Supplies and Information


Backpack (no rollers please)

2 glue sticks

2 boxes of 8 count Crayola crayons & 1 box of 16 count crayons

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 box of Ziploc bags

2 bottles of soft soap

3 bottles of sanitizer

2 folders with pockets

2 three-prong folders

1 package of black ink pens

2 packages of THIN tip magic markers for writing

4 BLACK expo markers (dry erase)

Rain coat (no umbrellas)

**Please remember that most of these items are used every day and we may have to ask for more during the school year.**