We are delighted that you are interested in being considered for an instructional position in Brinkley School District.TEACHER APPLICANTS: We must have a resume, your completed application form, a copy of your transcript and Praxis scores, and evidence of Arkansas teaching certification. If you are an experienced teacher, all references must be from your most recent and immediate supervisors (principals, assistant principals, superintendents, etc.). If you have never taught, your references must be as follows: One from your directing teacher of internship; one from your college supervisor of interns; and one from a university or college professor, advisor, or dean. Placement papers on file with your college or university will suffice. If you plan to seek a position anywhere in Arkansas, we urge you to apply immediately for an Arkansas certificate. Brinkley School District cannot employ a teacher until there is evidence of certification.INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE APPLICANTS: We must have your completed application form and evidence of any higher education college credits, college degrees or scores from the para-professional exam. Please note that in order to qualify for an instructional aide position, you must have at least an Associate's Degree, 60 college credit hours or have passed the para-professional exam. This is required by the Federal No Child Left Behind Act.

ALL OTHER APPLICANTS: We must have your completed application form and evidence of any other requirements of the position advertised. When your application has been received, your file will be reviewed and you will be considered for a position in the schools. An interview will be arranged for you when you become an active candidate for a particular position.

NOTE: State law requires all employees of a public school system to complete a federal and state background check, a Child Maltreatment background check, and Tuberculin test, at the employee's expense.

To apply for an advertised position, mail cover letter, resume, and completed application to, Superintendent, 200 Tiger Dr., Brinkley, AR 72021 or call 870-734-5000 ext. 0 for further information.

All positions open until filled.

Brinkley School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.