ems metting

On Thursday, February 15, 2018, Dr. Goodwin, Superintendent of the Brinkley School District, met with representatives from the Arkansas State Police, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, the  Brinkley Police and Fire Protection Departments and Paramedics.  The group established a plan for an "Active Shooter Drill" to be conducted on the Brinkley School District Campus.  Teachers will be trained how to respond in a crisis situation, then the teachers will teach the procedures to the students.  All of the law enforcement and safety support systems will them come on campus and do a mock walk-through practice of what to do in a crisis situation.  After the training, the district will have an unannounced active drill to be pro-active in ensuring the safety of all of the students and staff in the school district.  Dr. Goodwin stated, "I want all of the community to know these events will be happening, that the district is dedicated to the safety, as well as the learning, of all of our students and that we will make sure the community knows at the appropriate times that a drill is taking place