Brinkley School District

End of Year On Campus Activities and Continuity of Instruction


·         Mask Continuation

a.   The Arkansas Department of Health has not declared that transmission of COVID in Monroe County is no longer a risk; therefore, the Brinkley School District has decided to continue with mask-wearing until the end of the school year.  All staff and students K-12 will be required to wear masks unless they have a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering.  The Board of Directors will revisit the mask resolution prior to the 21-22 school year.


See board resolution adopted on August 7, 2020:


·         Responding and Close Identification

o   Following the new CDC and Arkansas Department of Health guidelines for identifying close contact, the Brinkley School District will continue to report students and staff that test positive for COVID-19.



o   According to updated CDC guidelines, the person diagnosed with COVID-19 and the person exposed to the positive case was wearing masks correctly (Nose and mouth fully covered at all times) at the time of exposure; the individual exposed does not need to quarantine. Exposed individuals should continue wearing the mask at all times, self-monitor for symptoms, and stay home at the first sign of illness.  The person who tests positive is still required to quarantine.

o   Individuals who have taken the vaccine for COVID-19 and a ten-day time-lapse will not have to quarantine if they come in close contact with a positive person.

·         Physical Distancing

o   With universal and proper mask-wearing, individuals maintain a distance of at least 3ft. In common areas (cafeterias, offices, band rooms, etc.) 6tt of distance is still recommended

o   Physical education and band classes will gather outside when feasible.

o   Assemblies and other activities will still be modified to mitigate the spread of the virus.  (limiting visitors to the school, outdoor assemblies, split groups, proper sanitization, temperature check, opening windows and doors for proper ventilation).

·         Summer and Back-to-School Planning

o   All summer school activities will follow the regular school day contact tracing, temperature monitoring, and cleaning guidelines.  Students and staff will continue to practice social distance and wear masks. 

o   The Ready to Learn Committee will meet during the summer to develop and modify ready to learn plans.


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