BHS Boys Tracks

Congratulations to the 2021 Brinkley's boys and girls Track Teams. It was an amazing season!

Brinkley's three sports student athletes Cameron Elliott and Christian Elliott led the boys to a State title in the 4x100m relay. The Elliott brothers and a supporting host of tigers performed well at each invitational track and field meet. Their leadership helped the team to win the 4x100m relay running a 47.2 sub sec. at  Mineral Spring High School.

The All State Members included; Jalin "The Jet" Durham, Cameron" The Cannon" Elliott, and Christian "The Rocket" Elliott and Mitchell "The Pistol" Hicks. Allen "Quiet Storm" Davis (Sub)

Special thanks to:
Mr. Lyle and Staff
Dr. Poole and Staff
Ms. Story and Staff
Mr. Brown and Staff
Coach Williams 
Coach Baker
Coach Branch