Partee Elementary AR Achievers

Here we have a group of hardworking students from grades 1st-6th that MET THEIR READING GOALS! In the back row, starting from the left, is Akaira Petty, Lakeasha Wiliams, Antonio Branch, Izaiah Vance, Addy Tucker, Keon Finney. In the middle row, starting from the left, is Angel Betts, Kentarius Norwood, Teighlor Quinn, Chloe McCoy. Finally, in the first row, starting from the left, is Caden Morman, James Donovan, Zakinsley Mobbley, Denton Palazolo. 
We would like to give a Special Thanks to Mrs. Rhonda Perry (elementary principle), Ms. Jennifer Burnett (Paraprofessional for the Elementary Library), Ms. Gerelisa Swanigan (PTA President)  & all of the teachers and parents that are helping our students become GREAT READERS!!